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Readers responded online to our story "Remembering the Yippies," by Daniel Fitzsimmons, December 5, 2013. Here are some of their comments:

"How sad to hear the Pieman is in a wheelchair. Seems not that long ago that we were running down the street in San Francisco together after pieing Supervisor Quentin Kopp. Also sad is to hear that Dana is still in prison for the herb. Although it's 2013, it still feels like the Dark Ages." - hairbrainman

"We are still everywhere!!! Hey brainman, I cherish you as one of my oldest friends who is still keeping the reminds me of when we would toke up in the streets of Hollyweird and Wenice singing 'Wild Child' in the tradition of The Doors. You inspired me plenty all those years back and you inspire me now." - pieman420

"If one could be organized, I think a fundraising concert would be just the ticket. David Peel, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Joni Mitchel, Bob Dylan...well, maybe not Dylan, not with the animus between him and a certain garbologist, but a big, Madison Square Garden fundraising concert could save 9 Bleecker." - Seth Bogdanove

"There must be someone willing to help 9 Bleecker Street survive. The National AIDS Brigade used this wonderful building to organize needle exchange programs in the Bronx, Harlem, Lower East Side, Brooklyn and Queens. We used 9 Bleecker Street to help veterans with AIDS, and others struggling with this terrible disease. The National AIDS Brigade is part owner of the building and we are nonprofit organization with 501(C)3 status. 9 Bleecker Street has helped save many lives. Someone with a good heart could save this building with a tax-deductible donation." - Jon Stuen-Parker

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