2013 Predictions: Two Dans Walk Into a Fortune Teller...

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We asked Upper East Side Council Member Dan Garodnick and Assembly Member Dan Quart to give us their 2013 predictions. What's going to be the biggest news story to come out of your district in 2013? Garodnick: Dan Garodnick will kiss every baby in Council District 4 in support of his reelection bid. Quart: As the first phase of the Second Avenue Subway moves closer to completion, the MTA is going to have to start planning for the next phases of this project. We'll begin discussing the next phases of construction and how to fund it. What's going to be the biggest political upset in 2013? Garodnick: Hillary Clinton will take Mayor Bloomberg's advice and run for mayor, but she will lose in a nail-biter to a young, charismatic politician who comes out of nowhere and gives better speeches. He is gracious enough to give her a deputy mayor post. Quart: Scott Stringer winning comptroller. He has some serious competition in that race. What will be the single most important development for the downtown community in 2013? Garodnick: With the Roberts settlement announced, 2013 will be the year Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village tenants get management to work with them on a condo conversion, and begin the process of taking ownership of their community. What's one thing that everyone thinks will happen in 2013 that probably won't? Garodnick: Joe Lhota will lose the Republican nomination for mayor when his campaign is saddled by allegations that sometimes the MTA's trains are late. Who will win the Super Bowl in 2013? Garodnick: Giants. I got this right [last year](http://nypress.com/2012-predictions/), so why stop now? Quart: Anybody but the Patriots. Read our predictions on [literature](http://nypress.com/the-protagonist-very-important-predictions-for-the-literary-world-in-2013/), [Broadway](http://nypress.com/2013-predictions-conjectures-on-the-great-white-way/), [politics](http://nypress.com/2013-predictions-two-dans-walk-into-a-fortune-teller/) and [fashion](http://nypress.com/lady-smarts-2013-the-year-of-the-megging/).

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