2013 Predictions: What the Future Holds

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Who doesn't want to know what the future holds? We decided we'd rather not fly blind in 2013, so we asked celebs, politicians, writers and readers to tell us what they see in their personal crystal balls for the year ahead. The answers may surprise you... [Celebrities Gaze Into the Stars] [The Protagonist's Literary Predictions](http://nypress.com/the-protagonist-very-important-predictions-for-the-literary-world-in-2013/) [Conjectures on the Great White Way: Broadway Preview](http://nypress.com/2013-predictions-conjectures-on-the-great-white-way/) [Lady Smarts: 2013, the Year of the Megging](http://nypress.com/lady-smarts-2013-the-year-of-the-megging/) [Politics: Two Dans Walk Into a Fortune Teller](http://nypress.com/2013-predictions-two-dans-walk-into-a-fortune-teller/)

Bonus Question: We asked our readers, what's going to happen next year?

Some said nothing. Some said very depressing things. Several said "zombies." Our favorite response was this:

"Locavore movement becomes even more specific; all hip foodies now only eat mushrooms grown in NYC sewers."

?Seth, activist

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