3 Out Of 100 Ain't Bad: NYC Ranks On ESPN's Sporting Events List

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[ESPN] released a list this morning of the ď101 sporting events worth seeing in your lifetime,Ē and although many of the events arenít city-specific, The Big Apple still found its way into the directory three times. As exciting as it may be, the [Westminster Kennel Club](http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/) dog show, which takes place every year at Madison Square Garden, just snuck onto the list at No. 100. Unfortunately, all you future Kennel fanatics already missed the 2007 event; it takes place in February.

The [United States Open] tennis tournament, held at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens every August, grabbed the No. 29 slot. This makes sense because when I think pretentious country clubs, I think Queens.

Rounding out Gothamís representation was a Yankees/Red Sox game in the No. 15 spot, either at [Yankee Stadium] or Bostonís Fenway Park. For those of you who havenít attended one of these rivalry contests, itís essentially like being stuck in the middle of a boxing match, except there are 40,000 fighters. Oh yeah, theyíre all drunk and have bad accents, too.

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