30,000 Miles High, Knicks Hit Bottom

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The New York Knicks are so fucked up, not even Charles Manson would step into their locker room at this point. Yesterday, several reports surfaced about why Stephon Marbury left the team on Tuesday and missed that night’s game against Phoenix. And trust me, not even fiction writers could make up shit this crazy or entertaining. 

According to one account, Marbury and head coach Isiah Thomas—while flying to Phoenix on Monday night—[got into a verbal argument] when Marbury learned from teammate Eddy Curry that he would be benched in favor of second-year player Mardy Collins. Marbury and Thomas argued for five minutes, and when Marbury returned to the back of the plane, he guaranteed he wouldn’t be replaced. “Isiah has to start me,” he said. “I've got so much shit on Isiah and he knows it. He thinks he can fuck me. But I'll fuck him first. You have no idea what I know.”

According to another account, Marbury and Thomas actually [exchanged punches]. Is this joke? Are the Knicks just making shit up nowadays to toy the media? And how does Thomas still have a job? Just think about it: Marbury said we “have no idea” what he knows, that we can’t even fathom the dirt he has on Thomas. He’s saying this about a guy who was found guilty of sexual harassment this summer. So what exactly did Thomas do this time? Did he rob a bank? Did he kill someone?

One thing’s for sure: he killed the New York Knicks franchise. The once-proud organization lost again last night, their fourth-straight defeat, [falling 84-81] to the Los Angeles Clippers. New York has now dropped four straight and sits at 2-5 overall. I guess maybe fighting each other is a good thing. After all, if they can’t beat other teams, they might as well beat each other.

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