50-Year-Old Has Wild Night, Ends In Jail

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If there were only two rules to live by, they just might be never run over a nun and never stab a cop. Last night, one man broke them both. Allegedly, Joseph Leonardi, 50, was [drunk driving in Queens ]when he jumped the curb, almost hitting a nun had it not been for a good Samaritan who pushed her out of the way (the do-gooder obviously lives by the aforementioned rules).

Witnesses say it all started when a drunken Leonardi tried to take down the wooden name sign in front of [St. Helen's Catholic Church] at 84th St. and 157th Ave. When two men told him to stop, Leonardi got into his car.

After sideswiping a parked vehicle, hitting a tree and crashing into a wall, Leonardi attempted to flee the scene on foot. He was pursued by two other locals, on whom he ultimately pulled a kitchen knife, before a cop intervened. Stuart Ingram, a rookie officer, apparently pulled out his expandable baton but before he could use it, Leonardi lunged at him with his knife. The [weapon hit Ingramís shield]. Oddly enough, the knife shattered, the shield wasnít even scratched and Ingram was able to use his baton.

Ingram was treated for minor cuts before being released last night from Jamaica Hospital. Leonardi was arrested on the scene on charges of attempted murder and others.

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