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No House, No Watch

A man's gold watch went missing during a move. At 1 PM on Tuesday, October 1, a 36-year-old man was evicted from his apartment on West 67th Street by the City Marshall. The building management employed a moving company to transport the man's property to a location on East 170th street in the Bronx. When the man unpacked his property, he discovered that a gold watch was missing from its case. The stolen watch was an 18-karat gold Rolex President with a blue lapis face, valued at $30,000.

Designs on Designer Jean

Unknown persons broke into a clothing boutique and removed store merchandise. At 4:30 AM on Thursday, October 3, robbers broke the front door glass at a clothing boutique on Columbus Avenue using a fire hydrant cap. A camera inside the store recorded the theft. The burglars fled in an unknown direction. The items stolen were 25 pairs of Paige designer jeans valued at $5,000.

Worst Buy

Someone used a man's personal information to open a store account and make unauthorized charges. At 10 AM on Friday, September 20, an unknown person used the personal information of a 42-year-old man living on West 79th Street to open an account at Best Buy. The man told police that a Best Buy credit card was mailed to his address, which he had since canceled. Purchases were made in a Brooklyn Best Buy location when the credit card was first approved. The unauthorized transactions amounted to $381 and $1,491, totaling $1,872.

Bad Check

A forged check was written against a man's account. At 12 noon on Wednesday, September 11, a 63-year-old man living on Riverside Boulevard was looking over his online Chase Bank account, when he discovered a check out of sequence bearing a forged signature. The check was made out to "Francesse Michel." The man told police he did not know this person and was still in possession of his checkbook. He subsequently canceled his bank account. The forged check was written in the amount of $2,300.

Gym Jack

A man's camera was removed from a gym locker. At 1:15 PM on Friday, October 4, a 36-year-old man left his property in a locker in a sports club on West 80th Street. When he returned to the locker eighty minutes later, he found that his camera was missing. There was no sign that the locker had been broken into, and his lock was still intact. Surveillance cameras failed to capture the incident. The stolen camera was a Canon 6D, valued at $2,900.

Phantom Shoes

An employee at a shoe store was arrested after giving stolen merchandise to an associate. At 7 PM on Wednesday, September 25, a police officer was informed by a 38-year-old male loss-prevention manager at a chain shoe store on Broadway that a 22-year-old female employee had been observed on camera on three different dates ? 9/25, 9/29, and 10/3 -- ringing up and voiding merchandise, giving unpurchased items to an associate of hers. The employee did not have permission to transfer the merchandise without payment. The items stolen included boots, socks, shoes, a bag and a scarf, totaling $1,256. The employee was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

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