A Bad Bill

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to the editor:

your article neglects to mention the additional strains the proposed legislation would place on the local economy, the job market and families with young children ("nannies close to winning labor rights," blog, june 4). unable to afford in-home childcare, many families could be forced to lay off domestic workers. this in turn would lead to unemployment among a largely immigrant class. furthermore, increased childcare costs or the inability to find an adequate childcare substitute could force many residents to leave manhattan for greener pastures. having to endure endless taxation and overcrowded schools, this legislation could be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back. i believe we can improve working conditions for domestic workers through competition, not legislation. by lowering taxes and cutting wasteful spending, we could reduce living expenses, attract more young families and ultimately increase demand and wages for qualified domestic workers.

jared stone

upper east side

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