A Benefit For The Drew Goren Memorial Fund

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Langhorne Slim strums his guitar at Luna Lounge

On Saturday night people came out to Luna Lounge in Brooklyn to celebrate the life of local photographer Drew Goren, and to help raise money for the wonderful family (including 5 yr old daughter, Nina) that he left behind when he passed away in December. Langhorne Slim headlined a great roster of bands there to support an old friend whose photography had become a staple in the local music scene. Taking the stage over the long night were The Shrubs, Wooden Hills, Sikamor Rooney, The GoStation, Neckbeard Telecaster, and Langhorne Slim. Each band brought their own distinct sound to the stage, all of them memorable. While the bands played, Drew’s iconic photographs were projected onto one of the walls, displaying his ability to capture the exact essence of his subject’s humanity—a gift that cannot be learned. For those who new Drew, the night acted as a perfect celebration of his life as his friends and family came together for something really magnificent. Those who didn’t know Drew probably felt they did by the time Langhorne Slim played the final note of his sensational set.

Over the short period of time that I knew Drew he was a true inspiration in every form. To me, Drew was more than a friend, he was a mentor and every photo I take is a direct result of his influence on me.

Drew Goren will forever live on in his brilliant photos. Check out his work at [subwaysleeper.com].

To find out how you can help via donation, go [here].

Neckbeard Telecaster

The GoStation

Sikamor Rooney

The Wooden Hills

The Shrubs

Photos courtesy of [Jonny-Leather]

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