By Rebecca Hoffman Sex sells. It really is that simple. E.L. James the author of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy can attest to it. Her 'romance' novels have resulted in the sale of approximately 16 million books, which means its outsold Harry Potter, and why? Because sex sells: in advertising, in fashion, in movies, and yes, even in literature.
But it's not just sex in these books, but S&M sex, and this has resulted in more than a peak in book sales. Sex toys and BDSM relationships are also on the rise. BDSM relationships consist of a dominant partner and a submissive one consensually submitting to the will of the dominant. The books depict a rather kinky and controlling relationship between dominant entrepreneur, Christian Grey, and submissive college student, Anastasia "Ana" Steele. It is constantly emphasized that this relationship is meant to be a purely sexual one with no romantic connection. However, it doesn't end up being that simple. Media and readers tend to get caught up in the dirty details of the book and gloss over what's actually important here. A hint: it has little to do with the steamy sex.