A Suspect in Old Lady Beatings

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Cops have finally found a suspect in the beating of [101-year-old Rose Morat] last weekend. It seems the man that could be responsible is a [40-year-old mental patient](http://www.nypost.com/seven/03162007/news/regionalnews/net_tightening_on_granny_bashing_goon_regionalnews_murray_weiss_and_larry_celona.htm) who lives in Queens, and while police sources would not identify him, they did say he has a sealed criminal record.

The New York Post reports that sources say he has "emotional and psychological problems," and is currently in treatment at a psychiatric facility—but it would seem he's not under full-time supervision. Witnesses have seen his picture, but no one has offered a confident ID thus far.

The Daily News reports that detectives have yet to be able to [question the suspect] because he voluntarily checked himself into a psychiatric ward near the victims' homes. Now if only he would voluntarily check himself out of the hospital so cops could interrogate him (or he could beat up some other innocent folks). In the mean time, police are pursuing thousands of other tips as well.

[ 85-year-old Solange Elizee ]was also attacked in a similar manner and police believe the same man could be responsible for both attacks. Elizee's wedding ring was stolen in the mugging and detectives have spent the past week visiting pawnshops in search of it. They’ve also been in search of the attacker’s get-away bicycle—just so you know, it’s red and pink.

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