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By Rachel Khona When people think of vibrators, they generally think of the Rabbit. A giant vibrating penis that single women use to get themselves off or that guys are intimidated by. But times are a changing. Vibrators now come in all shapes, sizes, and variations geared towards all different kinds of sexual stimulation. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I can do more with a vibrator than just use it myself or have a man to use it on me. Now he can be an active participant. In the words of Tenacious D, "that's f---ing team work!" Here's some of the most entertaining new vibes. We Vibe In the spirit of teamwork, [We Vibe](http://we-vibe.com/) has created a series of vibrators that allows you to use a vibrator both solo and ensemble. The C-shaped vibe hits the g-spot and the clitoris and can be used during penetration. Talk about hitting all your spots. If you don't blast off into outer space using this, you might need to get your lady parts checked out. Mio Cock Ring Now a vibrating cock ring might freak some guys out, but if you're up for a little adventure a cock ring can double your pleasure. The [Mio Cock Ring](http://www.jejoue.com.au/mio/introduction-cock-rings/) can be used in and out of water which is nice because sometimes trying to hit all the right angles in a bathtub can be easier said than done, especially if you're 5'1 and your partner is 6'2. Not only does your clitoris get stimulated, he gets a little buzz too. You know what they say, double the pleasure, double the fun! The Club Vibe This one is my personal fave and as far as I'm concerned sheer genius. The Club Vibe features two pieces; a piece that fits in the woman's panties while the other piece is a [remote](http://www.goodvibes.com/display_product.jhtml?id=1-2-AJ-0909) control that her partner gets to keep. One can wear the vibrator anywhere; to a park, to a restaurant, to a party, or of course a club. It works one of two ways depending on which setting you choose. It either reacts to the music or to the remote control. Not knowing when your partner might decide to get you off can be deliciously entertaining; especially if you just happen to be in public. As long as you keep it a

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