Accused Cab Burglar Caught!

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A man suspected of being the elusive cab burglar guilty of committing more than [eight robberies since May 17] simply by hailing a cab, getting into it, pulling a gun and demanding money went for what can certainly not be called a joyride yesterday. [Earl Evans, 36, was taken into custody]( just after 4 p.m. at the Bed-Stuy home of his girlfriend, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. And get this, the gun used to force hard-working cabbies to fork over a total of more than $1,000 was apparently a fake: Police recovered a gym bag and an [imitation Glock 9 mm handgun](, which the victims told authorities were used in the stickups. What did Kelly have to say about this awful deception? “It looks very real,” Kelly said. “You can even rack the gun. It would [certainly scare me](” Leave it to a college-educated thief to pull this kind of heist. According to Evans’ mother, 60-year-old Earline Evans, he worked as a teacher's assistant in Chicago before [attending college]( Still, he awaits arraignment on criminal possession of a weapon and eight counts of robbery.

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