Accused Cat-Killer Indicted

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Joseph Petcka, the ex-Met minor leaguer and “Sex and the City” actor charged with [killing his girlfriend’s cat], was indicted yesterday on charges of animal cruelty and harassment. The 36-year-old strong-arm pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court to fatally beating Norman the cat on March 27. Court papers reveal that Petcka told the ASPCA that the cat provoked him, biting his hand and clawing him. “I [called Lisa]( a bunch of times to see if the cat had rabies shots, to see if I was going to get sick,” he said in a statement, referring to his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated writer Lisa Altobelli. “I felt a little light headed, but I always feel light headed. Ha ha.” Ha ha indeed. Mr. Petka.

But authorities have a different interpretation of that night’s fateful events. They claim that Petcka murdered the kitty after a [drunken argument] at Altobelli's apartment, during which he wined, “You love that cat more than you love me!” Wa Wa, Mr. Petka, wa wa.

Petcka faces up to two years in prison if convicted. Boy, did Carrie sidestep disaster with that one or what?

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