Adventures in Filmmaking: The Sitter Remakes the '80s

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The Sitterconfirms director David Gordon Green's unexpected yet healthy career turn. His 2000 debutGeorge Washington, about the out-of-reach desires of black and white kids in the modern impoverished South, introduced a sweet yet somber regional lyricism. It was followed up by several atrocious art-movies for the indie festival circuit until Green gradually revealed a raucous sense of humor that, asThe Sitterreveals, returns him to sanity, proportion and adolescent sweetness.

Before college dropout Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) slips into slacker lassitude, a night of babysitting three worse-off brats wakes him up. As Noah confronts the world's dangers (drugs, crime, lovelessness),The Sitteravoids the cynicism-and narcissism-of movies likeBad Santa, Superbadand even Green's ownPineapple Express. He seems to have shaken off Judd Apatow's smart-ass influence and found a personal ratio of mischief to magnanimity. No other Hollywood high-roller would begin a film with oral sex so inherently generous.

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