Bush Conquers California What a disastrousweek for the hapless Al Gore. Not only was his impressive fundraisingtotal for the first half of '99 dwarfed by George W.Bush's astonishing$36.3 million, but his erstwhile bus buddy, Bill Clinton, was monopolizingthe news cycle, doing his best to sabotage Gore's flailing presidential campaign.
No, there's not a rift between the two, Clinton insisted, even though everybodyknows that's just another lie burbled from his lip-biting mug. Last Thursday,Clinton joined some of Bush's GOP opponents and criticized the amount of moneythe Texas governor has amassed so far, saying Bush is captive to bigmoney interests. David Beckwith, a Bush spokesman, said: "Gov. Bushhas several ideas for campaign finance reform. It's not surprising that they'redifferent from President Clinton. For example, we're not taking Chinese money."