An Animated City Council

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an old saying about politics is that it is hollywood for ugly people. but lauri apple, a chicago-based artist and political writer, believes politics-or, at least, the new york city council-is more like high school.

apple is drawing the council's 51 members in prom attire in a series called nyc high for the blog animal new york. so far, animal new york posted council members in districts one through eight.

each drawing is accompanied by a small score card that lists the neighborhoods they represent and several facts about their time on the council.

"politics is kind of like high school, with factions and gossip and people always trying to hold on to or increase their popularity," apple told animal.

apple contributed to a similar project in which artists drew chicago's 50 aldermen.

here is apple's drawings of west side council members gale brewer and melissa mark-viverito, who represents the upper west side north of 96th street.

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