An "Education Fund" Funded by Billionaires Gives to Senate GOP

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A source points out a new PAC giving money to Senate Republicans bearing the vague name "Educational Fund" whose donors are two conservative billionaires and one former aide to President Richard Nixon. The donors are Bruce Kovner, Roger Hertog and Peter Flanigan. Kovner, former head of the hedge fund Caxton Associates, is a major supporter of conservative causes, labeled by New York magazine as[ "George Soros's Right-Wing Twin."]( He's also the chairman of conservative think tank the American Enterprise Institute and the founder of an organization called the School Choice Scholarships Foundation, which gives scholarships to allow poor children to attend private schools. Hertog is a conservative billionaire who is also the chairman of the Tikvah Fund, which supports academic Jewish studies programs. Flanigan, a former aide to President Richard Nixon, is also the chairman of the Partnership for Inner-City education, a pro-charter schools organization that also supports Catholic schools. The three men contributed a total of $132,444 in the most recent campaign filing and donated $18,950, mostly to Senate Republicans, but also to Sens. Jeff Klein and Ruth Hassell-Thompson. To read the full article at City & State [click here. ](

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