Will noone at the Voice edit Cynthia Cotts, even when she's demonstrating thedeepest ignorance about her subject? Here's her opener to last week's "PressClips" column, a disastrous side trip from straight media reporting, atwhich she's bad enough, into a realm of the most crass poetasting:
Go tothe back of St. Mark's Bookshop on East 9th Street, where you will see aninformation desk. The front of that desk has six shelves filled with literarymagazines, at knee level. Find the one whose cover is the color of cedar andhas the words "Tin House" inscribed on it. Hold it carefully andtake a deep breath: this little book may very well represent the future of literary magazines.

Says who?Well, the discriminating customers at St. Mark's, for one...

Jesus Christ.Well, I suppose anyone who'd read a Voice media column to discern thefuture of literary magazines deserves such pandering nonsense.