...And You Will Know By The Trail Of Dead Leaves Luna Lounge Relatively Unharmed

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When …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead lead singer Conrad Keely thanked his friends for borrowing their equipment, a guitar-smashing fiasco seemed only seconds away. Keely even laughed, “What were they thinking.” But then something crazy happened. The band, known for their instrument and stage destruction, finished their set without a single scratch placed on anything. Is Trail of Dead a new band? Have they run out of money to pay for new instruments? Or have they realized that it’s nearly as intense to watch them play an entire set without obliterating everything in sight? With their theatrics becoming so expected, it made sense for the band to change their routine and catch everyone off guard. Sure there were a lot of people, at the Luna Lounge on Thursday night, who were dying to see the band’s friend’s equipment destroyed, but those people are selfish. Seeing the band play a full set for $5 is a good enough deal in itself.

As for the music, the 5-piece played a very loose set, featuring songs from through their career, starting it all out digging up a song from their first record. With the band playing a bunch of their slower songs that are rarely hard live, a few fans yelled for them to play something faster, finally getting what they wanted when the set finished with an energetic combo of “Caterwaul” and “Smile Again.”

Shock Cinema preceded Trail of Dead with a short furious set. The impressive lineup, comprised of members of The Rogers Sisters, Trail of Dead, and Dragons of Zynth, sounded like a cross between the wilder side of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the dark style of The Cramps.

Photo courtesy of [Jonny-Leather]

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