Anita Cookie and Her Underground Game Show Tonight

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What’s the one thing that could make The Price is Right sooo much better? Burlesque! OK, well not exactly: It would be better if it were a hot chick taking off her clothes and giving away free stuff rather than Bob Barker or Drew Carey of those guys. Ooh, ooh! And how awesome would it be if that hot naked chick was giving away free booze instead of china sets? Enter [Anita Cookie], the singing, dancing, sexed-up game show host who wants nothing more than to give you free stuff!

This Thursday night, Anita hosts her monthly [Underground Game Show at Under St. Marks], where randomly selected audience members get to take part in pricing games in the hopes of winning free baked goods and oodles of alcohol. Come on doooowwwwwwwnnn for a practice round: how much does a dirty gin martini at Otto’s Shrunken Head cost? What about a six-pack of Corona? Or a cocktail muddler? You get the picture. What it comes down to is that your life of alcohol abuse can and will win you swag. Drink to that if you aren’t already.

Joining Anita Thursday is her band, The Kindergarteners, with whom she sings and dances her little heart out and fellow burlesquer Peekaboo Pointe of the Pontani Sisters. For a mere $10, Anita’s Underground Game Show sounds like a pretty fun way to get too drunk on a weeknight. It starts at 10:30, which means there’s plenty of time to have your pets spayed or neutered before the show.

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