Anti-Cell Phone Resident Goes Too Far

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On March 24th, a 45-year-old woman was talking on the phone in the middle of the afternoon inside the lobby of her building on Central Park West. Suddenly the woman was verbally assaulted by another male resident, who came up to her and reportedly said, "You think you are a princess. Get off the phone or am I going to hang it up for you!" Despite the threatening message, the woman simply stood up and tried to walk away from her assailant. The resident then said "I'm going to take your phone" and grabbed her phone holder from around her neck. "I'm going to kick your skinny a**." She tried to peel his fingers off of her phone, but he slapped her hand away and fled the scene with his victim's phone. The perpetrator may have gotten away, but he is a known resident in the building, and police have video surveillance.

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