Apple, Fresh Off the Truck

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tech-hungry criminals got ahold of two boxes of apple ipads, straight off the ups trucks that were delivering the new devices, which start at $499.

according to police, a ups deliveryman was stacking boxes of ipads outside of his truck june 15 at 9:55 a.m. the truck was parked on west 67th street, around the corner from the apple store at 1981 broadway. a witness told police that a man walked up and snatched a box of ipads and ran west on west 67th street, then south on amsterdam avenue. the box contained five ipads.

a similar robbery occurred two days later, june 17, right in front of the broadway apple store. police said that at 9:55 a.m., a ups deliveryman was putting the boxes on a hand-truck when someone asked him for directions. while the deliveryman was distracted, another man took a box of five ipads and ran south on broadway.

an nypd spokesperson said that no arrests have been made and the 20th precinct is obtaining and reviewing video. the nypd cannot say if the two incidents are related. a police source, however, said it seems as if the thefts are by the same person.

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