[Josh Sankey](http://www.SankeySoFunny.com ), one of the “real” fans on those Knicks commercials [we discovered was actually an actor](www.nypress.com/21/2/news&columns/feature2.cfm), called me at work hoping to ge a little more mileage out of the story. He wanted us to plug his [upcoming comedy show](http://theduplex.com/webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=3127&date=20080119).
Since he signed his follow-up email, “Josh (AKA the double-chinned receding hairlined fat guy...ha!),” we couldn’t say no. But for the record, while we did mention the double chin and receding hairline in our story, we never called him fat!
See Josh talk about things other than pulling Eddy Curry’s socks out of a dumpster, this Saturday at 9:30 p.m., at the Camp Wayne Stand-up/Sketch Comedy Show at the [Duplex](http://www.theduplex.com/index.shtml) on Christopher Street.