Aw Sneaky, Sneaky Now

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The Department of Investigation announced yesterday that [fourteen members of the Fire Department, including three battalion chiefs, used fake diplomas in the hopes of getting promotions]. The fire department has credit requirements for those seeking to advance their positions and so a few especially resourceful firemen bought diplomas for between $500 and $800 from the [fictional St. Regis College]( and its affiliates beginning in 2002. The New York Sun reports: The college described itself as an "online distance learning institution" accredited by the "Liberian Ministry of Education," according to a report by the Department of Investigation. A spokesman for the department, Deputy Commissioner Francis Gribbon, said the department stopped accepting diplomas from St. Regis in 2003 and is reviewing the Department of Investigation report to decide whether or not to take any disciplinary action. Apparently, battalion chief Daniel O'Gara was first to figure out the sneaky ploy and he then perverted several other members also seeking promotions. Now that’s what chiefs are for.(

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