Bash Compactor: A Starr Was Born

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Transsexual queen bee Allanah Starr—2008’s Adult Video Network Transsexual Performer Of The Year—is everything you’ve ever wished you could be: popular, over-the-top sexy and eternally 21 years old.

Starr—whose actual age is “somewhere between 25 and death”—celebrated her annual 21st birthday party last weekend at tranny landmark Lucky Cheng’s on the Lower East Side. Showgirls danced the night away onstage while a balloon artist “blew” penis after inflatable penis, Starr smiling and schmoozing from her table of honor all the while.

“I don’t like to garnish attention,” said Starr, all glamour and a hint of nipple, of her low-profile daytime alter ego. “This is more of a character. It’s a commodity.”

The crowd at Starr’s party was more or less divided into two categories: men dressed as women and men lusting after men dressed as women. Bobby, a man in the latter category who preferred not to give his last name, asserted himself as straight but curious. He came to the party alone and planned to leave in similar fashion, as snagging a date was “not realistic”. A boy can look, though! “You never know what I could bump into,” Bobby said, presumably with no pun intended.

When she’s not hosting parties for throngs of loyal fans, Starr keeps busy maintaining her website, filming movies, developing a line of adult toys—including a life-sized doll of herself—and staying forever young with plastic surgery and injectables. Sounds like all work and no play for Starr, who has no real plans of settling down soon. It’s hard to find a man not threatened by her career and status, she said. After all, Would you want people to have access to an anatomically correct doll of your girlfriend?

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