Bash Compactor: Almost Famous

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Rock ’n’ roll hedonism was alive and well at the Delancey Monday night, when British model, actor and serial dater Jamie Burke’s band, Bloody Social, played a surprisingly intense, Zep-influenced, hard-rock set.

Afterward, Burke, a charismatic frontman, with burning eyes, long hair and chiseled features who has been linked to Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller tried to convince me that he’s a regular guy but didn’t do a very good job.

“Yeah, I feel sorry for guys that can’t get laid. It must suck.”

The 23-year-old Adonis, stifling a smile, admitted that he has no idea what sexual frustration is like. And why would he? While we were talking, two sniffling, chirpy blondes propositioned him. They both wanted to fuck him because their boyfriends were away. The more talkative one looked at me, winked and asked, “Why not, right?” Burke just shrugged and laughed.

He maintained that modeling is just a way to pay rent and buy studio time, and he asked that the “jealous haters” just come out and see his band. When I asked if Kate or Lindsay was cooler, he admitted he knows fuck-all about Lohan and that some of his “relationships” have been cooked up by media gossips: “The press puts you with who they want,” he added cautiously.

At 2 a.m. the night was still young, and an after-party at Bowery Electric beckoned. About a dozen hot girls waited around expectantly. Kate Jaggard, a ginger-haired Australian actress, wearing a porkpie hat, didn’t want me to get the wrong idea about why she was hanging out, “I just love Bloody Social’s music.” A 6-foot-2 runway model, who wouldn’t give her name, was less concerned, “I’m standing next to Jamie and my ex isn’t here! That makes me two steps ahead of the game.”

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