Bash Compactor: Fame On

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If you spent your pre-show time at last week’s Rubin Singer collection scanning the front row for celebrities, you would have been disappointed. In their place, however, was former blog darling and would-be superstar, Julia Allison. She had hopped across the runway from her second-row spot the moment the lights went down. It was a bold move but totally worth it, now everyone—anyone? anyone?—was sure to see her in her full splendor; pairing her signature headband with a skirt of bouncy blue pleats and a white cap-sleeved blouse.

I decided to engage in some shameless ego stroking by inquiring about the progress of her reality show, “How’s your TV show coming along?”

“Which one?” she asked,

“Do you have more than one?”

“No. I have an exclusive deal with Bravo,” she said as if I was offering her a show and she was turning me down.

Clearly the network that brought winning personalities like Nina Garcia to the masses wasn’t moving quickly enough for its newest monster. In fact, earlier that morning, you would have found her stomping through the lobby toward BCBG, only to be stopped by a security guard with no clue who she was.

“Have you checked in, Miss? Check-in is to the left.”

“Oh, I NEVER do that” she smirked

“You NEVER do that?”

She playfully nudged him in the side, “You don’t know who I am, do you?”

A ballsy move considering that the Bryant Park rent-a-cops aren’t likely to know who Nicolas Ghesquiere is, much less Julia Allison.

“Ohhh” he said, squeezing her shoulder, “Check-in is to the left.”

Not being one to let a security guard snub keep her down, Allison reappeared 10 minutes later with a microphone thrust ahead of her as if it were an all-access pass. It worked. She glided past the same ropes without interruption.

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