Bash Compactor: Grunge Worthy

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There’s nothing like a throwback to the 1990s to make us all realize how lame the naughties are. Each week, Vice magazine columnist Lesley Arfin and Greg Krelenstein, a recovering Misshape, are partying like it’s, well, 1999 at Bowery Electric. The name of said party? Why, Loser, of course!

“I still listen to the music that I listened to in high school, which was the ’90s,” said Arfin, whose book, Dear Diary, chronicles some of her high school experiences. “I was like, total hardcore punk riot grrrl, and after that I was a total hip-hop raver.”

The music at Loser is great, and it’s a huge relief to know that for the first time in a while, Usher’s “Love in this Club” cannot and will not be played.

“Me and Greg differ on the music,” Arfin said. “I play mostly Dee Lite and Jay-Z and Biggie, along with some alt and punk stuff that no one wants to hear. He’s into Alanis and Liz Phair—more commercial stuff.”

“Usually from around midnight to 1 a.m. I’ll do an hour-long hip-hop set,” she said. “It’s just really hard to go from Alice in Chains to Bobby Brown, you know?”

Oh, well. Whatever. Nevermind.

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