Bash Compactor: Gutter Sluts

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“I get molested by audience members a lot,” Justin Tranter frontman of the self-proclaimed “gutter glam” outfit, Semi Precious Weapons, told me as we sat at Rebel where the band had just finished a set. “I saw some chick grab his cock,” American Top Model, Whitney Thompson, who keeps pulling up her “little red Versace dress” to show more leg confirmed. “It’s hard to be friends with him because he’s as beautiful as me,” Whitney purred. “I know baby, you have blond hair and big tits, I want to be you!” Tranter shot back.

At first Tranter was coy about which gender of his groupies he prefers, “My groupies are lovely, inspiring… females. Men don’t exist in my world,” After a few circles around the VIP room with Whitney prattling on about her new Covergirl contract and flashing another four inches of thigh, he clarified, “I openly have sex with men just not in public.”

Earlier, on stage, Tranter posed, preened and sang backed by solid, glammed-up guitarists. Cat-strutting around in a tight lycra black get-up, he lobbed out queeny taunts like, “Hello cunts,” and “louder bitches!” into the audience, before going into songs like “Her Hair is on Fire.” Before his last number, he peered intently at the audience from beneath his thick mascara—he claims to sleep with it on—and almost managed to look menacing. Then he rolled his eyes and like he was the ringleader at a campy circus and announced happily, “I want people having sex in public, this song is about fucking!” Then he paused for a beat, “It’s called ‘Jesus.’”

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