Battle of the Networks: The CW

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By Magdalena Bunrham I'm a big defender of The CW. When people look down at it with snobbery, I'll insist that shows like Supernatural, Gossip Girl and The L.A. Complex are genuinely good shows. Because I've gone out on a limb defending The CW time and time again, each year I hope it will pay me back by providing a quality slate of new shows that won't hurt my argument. I have to say, this season it's notching me down a peg or two, except for one show that I have high hopes for. Here are the three shows being added to The CW's roster this fall. Arrow: Despite the fact that The CW's last attempt at a superhero show was the unspeakably terrible Smallville, I have high hopes for this show. By combining the sexy, intriguing tone of a CW drama with the action and fun elements expected from a superhero franchise, the creators of this show have the chance to create something entertaining and downright awesome. I can't help but get my hopes up. Beauty and the Beast: Eck. I guess any show can surprise, but this one combines Kristin Kreuk in a leading role with the terrible premise of "what if the Beast was a really handsome guy?" Chances are it will be downright unwatchable. Emily Owens, M.D.: This could be good. After all, the promos for New Girl made it seem annoying and then it turned out to be a real treat. But, did The CW really need a second TV show about a gorgeous doctor in her 20s that the show insists on pretending is relatable because she's so awkward? I don't think so. The Verdict: The CW isn't quite bringing it this year, but if Arrow delivers and the other two are swiftly cancelled, I'll be one happy viewer.

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