BEHOLD: The Silver Surfer

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For the Marvel Comics fans out there--strap on your seat belts, we've got a doozy. Apple has just posted [the trailer] for the new Fantastic Four film Rise of the Silver Surfer! If you grew up always knowing in your heart that [The Baxter Building]( was somewhere in Manhattan, and maybe, just maybe [Reed Richards]( might actually exist somewhere in Midtown, then this is the movie you've been waiting for. On the down side, true Marvel fans will understand exactly how lame it is that, as cool as it is to finally see a live-action Silver Surfer, our chances of seeing the real money shot--[Galactus]( mighty slim. Aarrgh!!

(And yes, I do own the original Roger Corman/Oley Sassone Fantastic Four film. Call off the Geek Police.)

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