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Been wanting to check out Brgr, the new upscale burger joint in Chelsea, ever since I saw the sign go up on 7th (near 26th St.) since it's right around from the office. God, what a disappointment. I first approached last week and a woman was handing out menus in front of the door. "Are you guys open yet?" I was surprised since only a few days before it looked like construction crews were still doing some major work. "Maybe in an hour, we've been having problems." Uh-oh, not a good sign.

The next two times I shied away due to the line out the door. I'm not waiting in line for a burger when there's plenty more to be had. I tried the new Burgers and Cupcakes going up on 23rd between 7th & 8th and, alas, it was still under construction. So finally, today, the lines were short so a friend and I made the line. Great digs: love the exposed ceiling and raw beams. All pretty classy and should be a great alternative for the chipotle hordes that dominate this dingy part of Chelsea. Nope. The burger arrived and looked so tiny and lonely on that oversized tray. My friend's didn't look much better with the soggy sweet potato fries. A guy left his receipt at the table and I saw he paid $16 for a double burger and fries. SIXTEEN FREAKIN DOLLARS FOR A BURGER AND FRIES? and the thing is, maybe that would be understandable if the burgers were big, juicy, slap-yo-mama grade meat/bun concoctions.

I mean, put goat cheese on something and it's gonna be good, but I still wolfed it down in less than two minutes and was wondering why I wasn't at Corner Bistro. When the chef asked me what I thought, it took a lot not to give him an earful, my friend said, "It could have been bigger." His reply? "You should have gotten a double." What, for another $2.50? Oh well, now it's time to head over to Stand near Union Sq. At least they haven't done away with their vowels, maybe that spells better for their brgrs.

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