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Show Compassion To the Editor: I know another woman who feeds the pigeons in front of her apartment building and across the street from a church ("Pigeon Lady Flap on 92nd Street"). That woman is lonely and has told me that without "her" birds, she would have nothing. Maybe neighbors should show a little compassion and spend some time with her, instead of alienating her. -Teresa Housing Shortage? To the Editor: For no other reason than on general principle, landlords should be taxed until they bleed white-with corollary incentives of tax reductions if they decrease rents. Concomitantly, all rentals under $3,000 per month should be re-regulated: absolutely no increases across the board for five years. By this mechanism, tenants won't have the tax increases passed onto them. Would this plan assuage the alleged housing stock deficit? Not sure, but it wouldn't hurt it. -Noir Diaz Public Menace To the Editor: This woman is a menace ("Wild Woman of 77th Street"). I live on 83rd Street, and see her every morning while walking my dog, who she spits at every time. Lately, I see her coming and just bolt into the street, with seconds to spare before I get hit with one of her famous lugies. It's disgusting, and I have extreme anxiety walking around my neighborhood. It isn't fair. She is terrorizing everybody who crosses her path. I googled "spitting woman UES," because I was having a hard time trying to explain this nut job to everyone. I'm very pleased to see that this is an issue of concern to fellow residents. -Upper East Sider Neighborhood Treasure To the Editor: Thank you for this article ("The Heidelberg's Hail Mary"). I live very close by and had no idea that Heidelberg is in such dire straits. It is much loved-I will for sure be getting my Oktoberfest on there this season. -Asakasan

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