Biden's Hidden Strength

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Though conventional wisdom indicates that he might not be getting much traction right now, at least one Democratic power player is touting the merits of Deleware Senator Joe Biden's 2008 presidential ambitions.

In today's Roll Call, Donna Brazile argues that through his leadership in the Senate fighting the President's troop surge in Iraq Biden, as chair of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee, is uniquely positioned to advance his presidential aspirations. Don't count him out, says Brazile, he's in the best policy shape.

"Although potential rivals surround Biden on both sides of the dias…only he, as chairman, has the opportunity to lead and forge a consensus around an alternative option, or Plan B. Biden’s moment won’t be judged by how his sound bites play on a given day, as compared with Obama’s, Dodd’s or Kerry’s, but whether, over the coming weeks, he can produce a policy. If so, he leaps to the top tier," wrote Brazile.

Having been the campaign manager for Al Gore's presidential bid in 2000, Brazile's opinion is not to be ignored. The coming weeks will show how much of this opportunity Biden can make.

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