Bloomberg Forms "Super-PAC" to Support Gun Control, Same-Sex Marriage, and Education

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by Nora Bosworth Mayor Bloomberg, a billionaire and registered Independent, announced on Wednesday that over the next three weeks he will spend millions of dollars on an independent super-PAC that will support local, state and Federal candidates nationwide. His funding will go to politicians who promote tighter gun control, improving education, and legalizing same-sex marriage-- and who rise above party lines in their devotion to such issues. Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor for Government Affairs and Communications, Howard Wolfson, will supervise the super-PAC. "The Mayor has always stepped forward to back candidates that are willing to cast aside party politics, and candidates who are willing to stand up to special interests to make the right decisions for the people they represent," said Wolfson. "This is a major expansion of his efforts nationally, and it's something I am proud to be a part of." The mayor has stated that his money will not go to anyone based on their political party, but on their referenda. The super-PAC marks Bloomberg's biggest effort to influence national politics, and also coincides with his final term.

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