Bloomberg, Schneiderman Blast Bullet-Stamping Foes

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by dan rivoli

legislation to force gun manufacturers to "code" bullets fired from semi-automatic pistols was tabled after state senate democrats failed to muster the 32 votes necessary to pass.

stamping would help law enforcement officials identify the make, model and serial number of the gun that fired the bullet.

most of the state senate republicans were either against the legislation or uncommitted. one republican, frank padavan of queens, supported the bill while three upstate democrats vowed to be "no" votes.

mayor michael bloomberg, a gun-control advocate who has donated to state senate republicans in the past, was a major supporter of the legislation.

after the measure was set aside, bloomberg released a statement scolding the bill's opponents, who felt that gun manufacturers would carry the financial burden of implementing the technology.

"this was a defeat for our police officers, district attorneys and the public - and a victory for criminals who use illegal guns to shoot and kill innocent people," bloomberg said in a statement.

state sen. eric schneiderman, the bill's author and an attorney general candidate, felt that the failure to pass the legislation was a setback for public safety.

"opposing microstamping is like opposing dna evidence or fingerprinting to solve crimes," schneiderman said in a statement.

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