Bloomy And Crew To Move To Brooklyn

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The mayor is moving to Brooklyn. Well, his office at least. Today, Bloomberg and 85 staff members are packing up their belongings and enjoying their [last day at City Hall] before temporarily relocating to a Brooklyn location just one subway stop away. For the next two weeks, the Bull Pen will operate out of the Office of Emergency Management while City Hall is getting a facelift. Renovations will include upgrading the electrical system, a fresh coat of paint and installing some new carpets.

But Bloomy has [assured tax payers] that the upgrades won’t be over the top at their expense: “Paint it white and new carpets—somebody’s going to kill themselves with all the rips in the carpet that’s probably 20 years old,” he said. “I think the city can go and have some new, inexpensive, but durable carpet. And they’ve fixed the leaks in the roof and they’re painting it and that’s about it, nothing fancy.” The mayor also said that this would serve as a good opportunity to test the emergency management center, which is intended to serve as a [backup in case of you-know-what](

Reportedly, each staffer has been told they may to bring just one box full of supplies to the new location. Should be cozy.

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