BoltBus is the Prep-Tech Way to Travel

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The holiday weekend taught me a few new things about how to get out of the city on the cheap. I was headed home to Boston and decided on BoltBus (rather than the always dubious Chinatown bus choices). [BoltBus] steals the “$1/seat*” concept of the Midwestern [Megabus]( venture, but throws in the added flash factor of onboard Wi-Fi, power outlets, ample legroom and flatscreen TVs that don’t turn on.

“Bolt for a Buck,” however catchy, is not entirely true, as the $1 seats typically sell out days before you plan on leaving. For the non-neurotic, expect to foot a $15-$20 bill for a one-way cruise, that, despite what the ticket says, will arrive at its destination a minimum of half an hour late. Ignoring the fine print, Bolt is a comfy, clean experience whose preppy, tech-y riders could constitute an Apple commercial unto themselves. All good things to keep in mind as the next summer weekend approaches and you begin to get that itch to escape the simmering city streets.

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