Book Review: How to Have a Match Made in Heaven

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By Gerry Gavin I first met Shya and Ariel Kane at the Body, Mind Spirit Expo in Edison, New Jersey. I had read their first two books, Working on Yourself Doesn't Work and How to Create a Magical Relationship, and they gave me a copy of Being Here, their last book, which is also the title of their weekly radio show. The Kanes have a truly unique methodology towards self help, which they refer to as "Instantaneous Transformation." Their approach to self discovery is anthropological in nature. (An anthropologist is one who observes human behavior and notates what he or she sees in a non-judgmental way). This empowers participants of their interactive seminars to find peace of mind and well being by viewing their actions within a non-judgmental framework, allowing for honest self-observation without self-reproach. It also creates a safe learning environment where feedback is given and received in a non-threatening manner, which results in a strong support structure for improving self esteem. What makes the Kanes' approach to self discovery unique is that it is not problem/solution oriented. They have found that the simple identification, recognition and self responsibility of unexamined behavior patterns or beliefs are enough to facilitate resolution without having to "work on" them as problems. The Kanes have found that the slightest shift in one's reality can produce a quantum shift in one's life - Instantaneous Transformation. I saw the Kanes in action at one of their "Monday Night Alive" events, which take place weekly at the New Yorker hotel. They only spoke for a short time, but the rest of evening was like an "open mike night" for people in the audience to come up and talk about the successes they were experiencing using this technique, or looking for guidance from the Kanes or the group. Ariel and Shya would offer suggestions that were both serious and light-hearted and the comment that was most often heard from participants was that they never dreamed it could be so easy to create the life, career, or relationship of their dreams. The same energy that is reflected in the workshops is alive and well in their new book, How to Have a Match Made in Heaven ($15.95ASK Books). The book pulls together the very best information of their previous publications, within the framework of short stories and interviews with many of their workshop participants. The interviews are unscripted and surprisingly open and honest, as are the personal stories that both Shya and Ariel tell. The depth of this intimacy allows the reader to feel an immediate connection to the stories and the people in the book. But if that wasn't enough, the Kanes have offered a new and unique level of interactivity. Readers can also go to their website []( to view actual videos of the interviews. This allows the reader to fully participate in the book, in the same manner as being a part of one of their workshops or seminars. I have not seen this done prior to this book and I admire those who participated in the making of the book and videos for sharing such personal insights. The Greek philosopher Socrates is credited with saying, "The unexamined life is not worth living." In How to Have a Match Made in Heaven, Ariel and Shya Kane teach how to easily examine your life . . . how to be alive . . . how to be in the moment and how to create the life and relationships of your dreams! Readers who order the book from on its release date 9/4/12 will also be eligible for over $400 in additional free bonus gifts at this site:

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