Bottled NYC Tap Water For Sale

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As if the world needed reminding that the United States is a country full of senseless consumers with no real grasp on 1) the rapidly deteriorating ecology of the planet or 2) reality, a dubious company/beauty pageant called [Miss New York City] (their grammatically incorrect slogan is “the most pretty girl”) announced today that they are selling [bottled tap water]( to the public (something [Tokyo's Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks started doing as a public awareness campaign]( Lesson to learn: Stupid people will buy anything.

“There’s a market for it,” replied a man affiliated with Miss New York City who goes by Nzomo and whose official title is “operations.”

For reasons not entirely clear, the water is packaged in 12-ounce longneck amber bottles and is sold in six-packs like beer. Nzomo boasts that the bottles “last forever and can be reused,” as if this is some sort of a one-up on the far more logical (albeit environmentally harmful) plastic bottles.

When asked why Miss New York City thought consumers would buy tap water in a glass bottle that they could get for free out of the faucet, Nzomo asserted that it was for the convenience of the product. What’s convenient about a breakable bottle in New York City? Still not sure about that one.

The plan is to sell the water everywhere—even outside of New York City—at restaurants, bars and grocery stores. With the popularity of the Brooklyn brand right now, maybe they should have called it Brooklyn Tap Water, but something about that doesn't have the same ring.

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