Brad Pitt is Chad Schmidt. Maybe.

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Brad Pitt has recently rendered himself immune to criticism since the press and the paparazzi lap up his marriage to sexy philanthropist Angelina Jolie (and the adoption of her many children, the protective attention he shows her as she carries their still-to-come twins) and his efforts in reconstructing [New Orleans]. Even when we zoom out of his personal life (fancy that) and take a look at his career, he has a long line of interesting and intelligent roles played with talent. He appears on talk shows alerting viewers that something can be done to right the wrongs of the world, shaking his head at what the world has come to. It wouldn't shock me if I saw an OK! Magazine headline claiming he sprouted wings. As we continuously inflate our good-hearted celebrities however, we may take it bit too far and forget the degree to which we might fuel their existing narcissism.
I began to worry about Brad Pitt when at "Her Majesty's Stand Up: Comedy that Will Colonize Your Face" a show at the [Magnet Theater]( in Chelsea where up and coming artists like the acclaimed [John Mulaney]( of VH1's Best Week Ever and [Joe Mande]( recent voted one of the 100 Jews to Watch by [Heeb magazine]( shared some laughs and occasionally picked on Hollywood's bigger heads. One particularly funny nugget snagged my attention, because I wasn't quite sure whether it was actually a joke. Brad Pitt, claimed one comedian, may star in a film where he plays a struggling actor named Chad Schmidt, whose striking resemblance with rising star actor Brad Pitt relegates him to look-alike status. Pitt stars as the blatantly rhymed Chad Schmidt and Brad Pitt. We apparently loved him so much that writer Steve Conrad (The Pursuit of Happiness) couldn't resist delivering us a double whammy.
The synopsis on [IMDB reads](, "Talented amateur actor Chad Schmidt relocates to 1980s Los Angeles in hopes of being discovered. Problem is, he bares an uncanny resemblance to Brad Pitt, whose star is ascending—turning Schmidt into a punchline and not a star." With a quite the line-up of films ahead of Pitt, the film could still in fact be an idea, or the hope is, a joke. It may be the punchline itself. It worked for Mulaney! Could this possibly an exercise in meta-humor? Or worse, could not one but two pairs of pretty blue eyes and tan lean arms actually work and make audiences weak in the knees before they even reach the theaters? What has the world come to indeed.

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