The Beltway Pundits Pout
Wouldn'tit be extraordinary if the media elite put their cards on the table and admittednow whom they'll be advocating in the 2000 presidential election? It's reallyno secret. The New York Times, in its news columns and editorials, isfor Al Gore (and Hillary Clinton for Senate); The Wall StreetJournal favors Steve Forbes; the New York Post will endorseGeorge W. Bush (and Rudy Giuliani); The Washington Post,Baltimore Sun and Boston Globe are Gore dailies, but I'll betin the end the Los Angeles Times prefers Bush. The tv network anchors,of course, are all Gore shills. Among the political journals, The Weekly Standard will grudgingly approve Bush; The National Review is a Forbesbooster; and The New Republic, well, if you don't know the answer tothat, you might as well stop reading right now. Time and Newsweekcan be counted upon to push a continuation of the Clinton-Gore administration.