Buzzed About "Feminine Presence" Event Canceled

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UPDATE: Is the event canceled? That's [what the]( Daily News' Ken Lovett tweets. And now it's [confirmed by ]( Daily Intel. However, the "bum rush" event's founder Jon Reznick says on Facebook that the anti-Golden event is still going forward. ORIGINAL PIECE: Following up on our [article this morning]( about an event being held by State Sen. Marty Golden - during which young Brooklyn women seeking jobs will be taught the "feminine presence" - a Facebook[ group has formed]( "bum rush" the event. So if the event at Bay Ridge Manor still goes off on July 24, it promises to be mighty interesting. Currently, the Facebook group has 21 members, and its creators are promising "Go Go Dancers, your Burlesque acts, your corsets, and of course, everything LGBTQ?" From Facebook: Senator Marty Golden, being stuck in the 1950s is offering protocol training for women in the workplace. Before we noticed, his website said this event would offer to teach how to "Sit, Stand and Walk Like a Model" and how to "Walk up and down a stair elegantly." Let's show Marty what the feminine presence really is. Bring out your Go Go Dancers, your Burlesque acts, your corsets, and of course, everything LGBTQ, and bum rush this FREE event, hog his press, and WE WILL TEACH SENATOR MARTY GOLDEN HOW TO WALK LIKE A MAN BY SUPPORTING FAIR PAY FOR WOMEN IN NEW YORK Many of the people attending appear to be local Democrats who are supportive of Golden's Senate opponent, Andrew Gounardes. His campaign already [put out a statement]( blasting Golden earlier today. To read more from City & State[ click here. ](

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