@BYTES1GHz Tech: Nerds Snitch On Poor People, Hate Bed Bugs

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[.@BYTES1GHz](https://email.manhattanmedia.com/owa/redir.aspx?C=6f7bfa1519d94f61bcfbbac1a399f316&URL=http%3a%2f%2ftwitter.com%2fBYTES1GHz) is a single serving of undigested tech for the unfocused and/or unconcerned. Don't be disappoint. Like. Enjoy. #WhutItDo: SRI International is, like, my favorite wizard's nest. These brains helped invent stuff like SIRI, the computer mouse, and those awesome gloves from Mission:Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Now the dudes are turning their magic against the Bed Bug menace. In a blog post, Rajeev Vaidyanathan, Bed Bug Wizard at [SRI](http://www.sri.com/blog/bed-bug-problems), was all, like, "[M]ost of the news coverage about bed bugs tends to focus on hotels or retailers, giving us the impression that we are at the highest risk for infestation when we visit these places. In reality, the most vulnerable populations live in low-income housing. They are the physically and mentally disabled, the elderly who may not be able to feel the bites, veterans, and those in homeless shelters, hospitals and psychiatric clinics. The bottom line is that we are failing these communities." The plan is to collect the critters one by one and flush them down a tiny toilet that cost a trillion $$$ in R&D-I assume. Why is the toilet tiny? Because they didn't need a normal sized one. But, seriously: they're going to cast Sequence Genome on the little devils and roll for perception till they can figure out something that works. #TheFutureOfStuff: Well if Bed Bugs turn out to be super invincible, at least now we know-thanks to SRI's supreme research skills-that we could just get rid of poor people. ZING!

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