Now that the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity has landed safely on the set of 2000's #SummerFlop, [Red Planet](, the Global Nerd Consortium can finally CUT TO:
INT. A CRAMPED AND STERILE SCIENCE LAB - NIGHT Two mild-mannered molecular Biomancers are hunched over a petri dish. A single bead of sweat runs down ASIAN WIZARD's brow. BLOND WIZARD Eureka! ASIAN WIZARD At last. We've [created a cellular organism]( that can survive the harsh conditions of Space Planet Mars. #FutureOfStuff: Well I could be confused on the whole "Survival Of The Fittest" thing, but if you make a lifeform that can survive on Mars, couldn't it totally kick our asses on Earth too? Let's just hope they keep that little bug locked up tight till we're ready to essentially Skeet all over Mars' barren womb. .[@BYTES1GHz]( a single serving of undigested tech for the unfocused and/or unconcerned. Don't be disappoint. Like. Enjoy.