Yes, the meek will inherit the Earth. Because instead of pumping iron all day they spend all their time building Armies of Robot Familiars. Edwin Olson, Technomancer at the University of Michigan, [has summoned this Mecha-Legion]( because two Central Processing Units work better than one, and 16 work wonders. On conjuring the blight of mankind, Olson explains:
"Compared to a human, a single robot is a terrible searcher and decision maker. When you have a complex task, the only way robots win is if you can get a lot of them to work together." Complex tasks, indeed. Now, while they don't have guns or Mythril #DeathSpikes firing piston-like across their Carbon Fiber flanks, I don't figure it'd be all that hard to nail some on. [.@BYTES1GHz]( a single serving of undigested tech for the unfocused and/or unconcerned. Don't be disappoint. Like. Enjoy.