Campaign Roundup: Republicans Retain Stronghold of NY State Senate

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State Senate Despite being out-registered 2 to 1, Republicans [retain a stronghold]( in New York's state Senate and a hold onto a surprising number of congressional seats. U.S. Senate Honoring the memory of U.S. Sen. James Buckley has [become a feud]( in the Republican primary. Manhattan More on Gov. Cuomo's [failure to attend]( a Charlie Rangel fundraiser. Rangel [did an interview]( with Sean Hannity. Rangel said (falsely) that [no Latino]( elected officials support Adriano Espaillat. Brooklyn Simcha [Felder denounced]( (his one-time friend) Charles Barron's congressional bid. The Village Voice [profiled OWS]( congressional candidate George Martinez, at length. The [head of the]( Brooklyn GOP is eying an Assembly run. Queens Sheldon Silver says [he has a]( "special bond" with Grace Meng, but is not endorsing her. Liz Crowley got [a newspaper]( endorsement. Elsewhere The Buffalo News[ called on]( Chris Collins to take part in a GOP primary debate. During her first year in Congress, Rep. Kathy Hochul has [often taken]( stances and votes independent of her Democratic colleagues. To read more about City & State [click here. ](

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