Can You Guess the Downtown Locales of Willow Smith's New Video?

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"I am Me" video showcases some pretty NYC spots There are many people who would argue that New York City, intrinsically, seems to have its own personality. Its diversity, culture, and scope that come naturally with a city so large aren't only a part of a New Yorker's life, but seem to permeate the works and pieces by the city's artists, writers, and musicians. Woody Allen named a movie after Manhattan. Title: Manhattan. HBO's Bored to Death(a cheap plug from a huge fan) basically used Brooklyn as its own character. And now Willow Smith, Will Smith's sweet-voiced daughter, in her latest [video for her new song "I am Free"](, showcases New York's less iconic yet just as beautiful sites. (And fittingly. I don't think Will Smith's I am Legendwould have been as definitive in a barren, say, Savannah.) In her video that shows barely any interaction between Smith and anyone else except the city itself, she pretty much leads on that she is her own self in the midst of the city while the city moves around her. Smith is seen skating and jumping around the red, white, and blue mural by Retna on Bowery and Houston, the in-your-face mural by JR in High Line Park, and a corner on 6th Ave. near the famous Gray's Papaya. She also makes a few stops at Washington Square Park and Central Park, while her director uses come cool camera angles to help. And even if you don't like listening to an 11-year-old sing about herself and cry "YOLO", you can at least appreciate the nice spots noticed in the video. Anything you noticed in the video we might have missed? Better yet, what else use New York City as its own character? -Nick Gallinelli

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