Cats In Heat, Literally

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Imagine being evicted into this hot summer heat with nowhere to go. Now imagine doing it in a fur coat. Itís [kitty season], and New York Cityís animal shelters are overflowing with cats and dogs. While man's best friend have made themselves virtually indispensable catching Frisbees and swimming alongside their masters during the warmer months, pets of the feline variety are being [tossed out by the fistful]( ďCity shelters are taking in 85 kittens and cats a dayóup from about 50 a day just a few months ago,Ē said Richard Gentles, director of Administrative Services for the New York City [Animal Care and Control]( (AC&C).

Itís getting so that shelters may have to euthanize the unwanted pets. "We have been making such good progress, this is heartbreaking," said Jane Hoffman, president of the Mayorís [Alliance for NYCís Animals](, speaking of the dropping number of pets put to sleep of late. Letís keep it that way, so make sure to chop off your male petsí naughty bits and get pets of the female persuasion spayed. Even better, if youíre thinking of adopting, donít let the sun set before you visit the AC&C (326 W. 110th, 212-788-4000), the [ASPCA]( (424 E. 92nd, 212-876-7700) or any of the other animal shelters or rescue groups in New York City. Lucky for you, thereís never been a bigger selectionóthanks to selfish owners looking to go on vacation.

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